Slotocash Online Casino review

June 15th, 2017 casino

Online casinos are growing and going all the time as the gambling industry continues to grow. Some casinos don’t stand the test of time because they either don’t offer a quality service or their marketing just isn’t very good.

Many casinos can stick around, and a good example of one is the Slotocash online casino. This casino appears in the top 5 most highly rated online casinos, and it deserves its place there.

Without going into naming, the reason for some particular casinos being popular is more down to how much they can spend on promoting their selves than how good their service is. But the reasons for Slotocash’s high popularity are many.


The payout times are one of the many reasons for them being one of the best. If you use an online wallet such as Neteller or Moneybookers, you will have your money in your account just 6 hours after request.

There, Slotocash has the fastest payout times out of all the online casinos currently on the internet. However, there is also quite a bit of fraud surrounding the online casino market, leading to concerns from people with regards to claiming their money.

Slotocash is fair though; you do not need to be worried about not getting your money from them. Word has spread on the advantages of Slotocash which is why it is such a popular online casino. Their customer support is also in the house, so there is no time when they are not available.

A lot of casinos now outsource their customer support simply to be more convenient for them, but this makes things worse for the customer. The reason why online casinos do this is that they think it saves them some money. However, if they kept their customer support nearer, they are more likely to keep players in the long term and will thus make more money.

Slotocash Casino offers an array of casino games and downloadable software. The site has visually appealing design, and excellent customers support. It offers the multiple promotional programs to win a lot of prizes and bonuses

Overall Slotocash are worth playing at, and if you chose to play there, you could be sure you will be treated fairly. I have been playing there for years, and I will do for years to come.

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